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Slide Local COVID Relief Funds Community residents should receive local stimulus packages. Non-Profits owned by local residents that directly serve the community should receive the majority of any grant money. Businesses owned by residents should receive direct funds and grants to assist in rebuilding their livelihoods. Rental & Mortgage Relief Expanding the existing protections of Rental Relief for Residents. Utilities Relief Residents should receive direct relief from their utility bills. Expanding Police Oversight Residents should share Policing Oversight authority. After School Programs Expand and create more funding for afterschool programs that supplement school learning and athletics. Provide more child care coverage for working parents. Urban Food Deserts Strategically adding more organic grocery stores to serve communities with limited transportation Banning of
Hate Symbols
Ban the “selling or displaying of symbols of hate or any similar image, or tangible personal property, inscribed with such an image”
Residents with
Create a pipeline of jobs for men and women who have criminal records
1619 Project Re-education of our childern about the country's history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the United States' national narrative". Decriminalizing marijuana and other Petty Offenses Reducing the petty offenses of municipal marijuana possesion and other petty offenses that may lead to warrants and arrests. Stop Urban
Stop outsider investment that is causing displacement of the Black and Latinx community.
Black Diaspora
Wall Street
The overwhelming dedication to the creation of small business and lending practices. Keeping the wealth within the community.
Local Reparations for the Black Diaspora Each qualifying community household would receive direct money for home repairs or down payments on their property.
Mobile Pre-School
Using STEAM funding and grants to create a mobile STEAM program that will provide STEAM lessons to all qualified daycares within the community.
Municipal Contract
The awarded contracts will be in line with the ethnic and cultural makeup of the residents.
Term Limits for
local Officials
Creating term limits for locally elected officals. New ideas need to be heard and more people should get involved in leadership roles.
New Layer

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