Slide We are Black Diaspora Progressives We support candidates that will bring equity to the underserved Become a Solutionist Join the Evolution as we transition to the next phase from being Activist to Solutionist. Help us place elected officials in office that will create solutions to equity, injustice, and racism. Who can be considered a Black Diaspora? A person whose lineage can be traced to the suffering of slavery and colonialism. (skin color is not a disqualifier) Who are our allies? Anti-Racist individuals who are actively practicing equity in their everyday life.
Social justice groups who are fighting against political, economic, social, and racial injustice.
What do we do? Along with our allies we are unapologetically pushing a Black Diaspora progressive agenda. We believe in holding all candidates and elected officials we support accountable for tackling the issues that affect our communities. What is the Black Wall? Black Diaspora voters are the core of the modern Democracy coalition. Our Black Diaspora perspective of inclusion navigates how we operate as Progressives. Our allies are essential for our growth and good works across Pennslyvania.

Slide The Black Diaspora and why our community is larger than you think